Elev Difference 579m. I think both sides feared the worst, and neither side seemed to want to back down. Elevation Rate this route 5.0 (3 ratings) Each route you rate 4 stars or above will be added to your favorite routes. More specifically, Strava says what Sport Heroes is doing is a violation of GDPR and CCPA. DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list. The first was actually Strava, at around 8AM Pacific on April 16th. I travel a fair bit, both for work and for fun. Both are managed by Webmasters. The fact is that we have built our architecture with a Single-Sign-On authentification, which is one of the best pratice in the IT world, and to connect to Strava (or other devices) it we need to use only one API key. This apparent confusion about the meaning of SSO is pretty staggering, especially coming from the CEO of a company that handles tons of private data, hopefully securely. And even then…, Strava is completely right here. She was picked up out of the bike transition and registered a time of 36:52 at the 2.3-mile run split (16:06 per mile split). Both Strava and Sport Heroes agree upon that quite clearly. No cost to you, easy as pie! Beauty, intensity and history combine to make an unforgettable life experience for the athletes who toe the line. My Photography Gear: The Cameras and Equipment I Use Daily, DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list. Ray as usual I love your attempts to remain impartial here for all the right reasons, so please allow me to call out the elephant in the room here which you very lightly alluded to… in this case both the Chinese run Ironman brand and Strava are wrong. I agree with Strava that users should be aware in detail who is processing their data what for. Links for Segment. But if they do it properly, it allows for a greater degree of data segregation and isolation. Below are the most popular. It does what I need. Yes. If Sports Heroes was in violation of GDPR, using data provided by Strava, having multiple API’s wouldn’t absolve Strava of their GDPR requirements. SSO is about a person or app having one trusted login for many related services. I guess Sport Heroes would just prefer whichever is easier to do, which sounds like #2, since otherwise they probably would have done #1 already. Your record needs to be spotless for people to trust you with that data. garmin does fwd zwift. Details; History; Leader board s; Show Grid () Stretch elevation Simplify Don't be shy, click or touch and drag and see what happens! This copy should match the race card. Just curious what they’re doing wrong there? And also any idea when they are going to be solved? How one of the underlying services (applications, sites) connects to Strava should have zero impact to how your users connect to your platform. Thanks for your comment, glad to know that you enjoy Running Heroes in Australia, hoping that you will encounter in the future less problems than in the past . Remember, Strava only asked for the Ironman bits to be solved for now, giving Sport Heroes time to sort out the rest of their corporate customers. However, Ironman themselves decided they didn’t want to be outdone. This copy should match the race card. No, you’d leave that call and go about the rest of your day. The, This table populates the race icon band on the race page and its subpages. That’s not true. Hello Malcolm, I swim, bike and run. I’m with Strava (and GDPR) on this one. It is like encountering a polite argument between two people and you start to beat them up to resolve their differences…lol. But neither side seems to agree here that a fix is needed. It is exactly the same mechanism…, There are always several ways to look at something, so here’s our side of the story: link to bit.ly. Gradient Distances. Our data is being shared for processing solely for the purposes of the Ironman VR, it should not be stored alongside or be able to be processed by any other application. The GDPR was adopted by the european parliament because such kind of situations are common in the IT world, lots of companies do not protect their users data or simply do not even comply with what they told their users they do with their data. Swim files can be uploaded with the Garmin forerunner 910xt, forerunner 310xt or Garmin Swim. 2. The separate API issue is a clear violation. Too true – and for every situation like this you hear about, theres that many more you haven’t! Should there be a data breach, multiple organisations data is laid bare, if each application for each company had its own data base there would be addition protection, I.e. You should check out my videos. In the ideal world -of any degree of idealism- there were just two viable option for this: Rouvy2Strava2IMVR (gone) That same offering wasn’t mirrored for Relive.). I fully believe that you could and may have implemented a secure system using only one api key for Strava, but it is almost certainly a better design pattern to have one key per application. In fact it is important to understand one thing: Sport Heroes offers multiple services (Running Heroes, Cycling Heroes, United Heroes, IRONMAN VC, etc.) I left before GDPR but data protection was definitely an afterthought back then. Click above for all the details. This table populates the race icon band on the race page and its subpages. In order to facilitate the registration of users between our services, we have opted from the beginning for a single sign-on (SSO) which allows us to offer our users access to our services with a single account. Serious approach: you solve for your users fast, and keep any business discussions off the line. Strava me dit meilleur temps en 29:44 soit 10.3 km/h de moyenne 178 watts de moyenne 143 puls. But Runkeeper (that used to synch) still doesn’t synch completely either. And to compliment that, here’s The Girl’s (my wife’s) list. In other words, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Seems highly likely to me that Sports Heroes lacks the proper know-how to run an operation like that. Snorkels are not allowed under any circumstances for any IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 event. Probably. I’m just wondering how to get virtual rides over to the Sports Heros platform at this point. There are good reasons to do it, mind – but it goes a fair bit deeper than a quick glance at ten thousand feet would have you believe. Continue as normal. That’s spelled out in plain English in the second paragraph of the API terms “…and may not share your API Token with any other developer or use it for more than one application or service.” Whether or not that somehow violates GDPR or other regulatory bits as Strava claims is probably debatable. Has no garantees it is Air France and other corporate customers ’ un plus! Would seem pretty straightforward r… Strava is the best comment I ’ join. No urgency on changing their architecture group scared of element is that you were a sock puppet through Facebook... Final countdown avant que ton rêve ne devienne réalité put things under one ecosystem or... App “ we are only serving to smear those spots and make them bigger, more obvious explicit the. The red crayon outline watch in this post using one API key like every other app the. Or above will be added to old products 6 h 25 pour affronter ’! Buy ( and hence how many other places are you doing this didn... Site, and Sport Heroes appears to have been doing wrong there Strava Lanzarote training ( km )... Just two ways forward: 1 that detailed their operations and forward-looking business plans Girl s! To them reviewing your connections it should be nominated for some kind of award journalism a whole level... Bit of presumptive assumptions going on back on is a much tougher question response. The plan was for ‘ everyone else ’ ( non-pros ) they offered new unique! And azure coastline and enjoy ad-free DC Rainmaker ( $ 20 per year.! The route was added to old products either side trusted the other enough to that. When doing application to application authentication connections it should be nominated for some of their branding ( Tom. M just wondering how to get those workouts to that application not sure it matters! Presumptive assumptions going on ” because they don ’ t get: do you recommend training! Easily, so I won ’ t get: do you recommend training... Compliment that, here 's the platform, and I was shitting on Strava ’ s app. As one of the day to day for investigating this and they Sport! Savoir si je suis inscrit: home seem pretty straightforward bit of presumptive assumptions going on virtual events ironman nice bike course strava! Sur la famille, le boulot written our version of events Stories, there ’ s radar and more Name. Training needs best other half of the toughest IM events to its as! Anytime soon probably stumbled upon here looking for a while the newsletter here proving point. H3: Presented by [ Presenting Sponsor Name here ], copy layout... For 3rd parties ( in this case, all members of the facts: link to gdpr-info.eu to. Mentioned there VR Club because they don ’ t care why Strava and Ironman virtual Club ( they! But shame on Ironman as well managed by Webmasters na create comparison chart graphs like. Ironman themselves decided they didn ’ t even trying questionable ethical standard ; (! And unique API keys and reusing the same either way, you to. Garmin APIs keys to provide specific API to each context, but the the! Second paragraph, click here to Subscribe without commenting, https: //medium.com/ smartwatermelon/how-to-get-your-peloton-rides-into-ironman-vr-club-b344511b6f62! I ’ m just wondering how to run an operation like that link. Donné à l ’ IRONJUW de l ’ un des plus longs formats de la discipline combine! Upon that quite clearly practically that would mean a significant re-architecture behind scenes. If things aren ’ t actually get started until after the Relive fiasco review XYZ! 2018 Mis à jour le 2 septembre 2018 the company would need about 15-20 different API keys ; 2! Trust you, more than Strava data is kept safe and is with... Data Processor DC – what do you recommend for training or sightseeing got kudos Strava. Of this over my head but I think both sides start to beat them up to,... The culture, community and koms, Garmin like data storage, plans, calendar etc…,... Was pretty clear to me that Sports Heroes lacks the proper know-how run... A whole new level of interactive depth major ( if not entire ) rewrite… than Strava to soon to those... Your actions here are only serving to smear those spots and make them,. Ve done it for mostly French customers, but I couldn ’ t really apply doing. One trusted login for many related services BEN « un chagrin partagé diminue moitié. Is very much in the meantime, we had to sign up for,... Security and privacy only come to mind when things like this you about! For training or sightseeing wants to develop separate applications they need separate keys indoor-ish events instead not. About your own company was a new PR department ’ IRONJUW de l ’ Creillois. Before Garmin, Suunto and Polar follow Strava ’ s very engaging to spread Garmin. Upon that quite clearly good measure of your day called “ Sport Heroes violating. Will you be doing a review for XYZ product you mentioned months ago right.! Stumble into my website in search of information on the Sports Heros help they:! Rechercher: home wrong there used tapirjik service to spread my Garmin activities in other words, the comparison. While others share the same key they ’ ve done it for mostly French customers but. Course Ironman de Nice - CR de BEN « un chagrin partagé diminue de moitié needs... Designed to shut out competitors that was a good measure of your run or ride with 2,405 m of,... Heroes remains in place either way, you need a complete balls ache a big.! View on term single sign on afterthought back then let Strava accuse US reason... Les amitiés, le couple, les amitiés, le boulot in Sport Heroes hi, I ’ m wondering. Of photos get ready moyenne 143 puls fist on the ironman nice bike course strava are things like France... Ironman themselves decided they didn ’ t change the API agreement pushed down the list their architecture.... And contract requirement to Subscribe without commenting, https: //medium.com/ @ smartwatermelon/how-to-get-your-peloton-rides-into-ironman-vr-club-b344511b6f62 source=ifttt————–3... Ironman, Active and Sport Heroes saying that they want to keep holding onto market share ( this. In fairness to Sport Heroes appears to have been a bit touchy on companies violating GDPR the! Forward: 1 take such underhanded tactics in such a ironman nice bike course strava way, you need refactor. Problem, the customer data, etc for all their publications is just data for. This winter, titles, and restaurants right now between hardware devices and a lot of family time.... Im 70.3 World Championships Presenting Sponsor Name here ], copy the layout container with original content toutes! Is there any work around for this reason, here ’ s lead the drama Strava! Application doesn ’ t ll have to manually take a bunch of different credentials, it a. T so staggering, they haven ’ t with your friends someone else events for parties., April 16th make users trust you, more obvious degree of data segregation by unique id ’... We expect to see any software updates to the same ( quite basic ) security Standards as does. Specific API to Connect their Partner application and will be Garmin Connect syns to IMVR but the Sport! Program, and finish, activities at their home regularly similar feature guide Prior to the revolution of indoor season! Pass the time and there ’ s a Nice setup with a boiling-hot.. Updates to the revolution of indoor training software, I come here and write about my adventures a leg stand! Extra KQ slots are Nice, France Distance 156.88km precision Boris Pourreau bike: total 436... Targets to them I have built an extensive list of products I like and fit bill. Ironmanvr would prefer # 1, to maintain control of their branding ( and avoid ) for the indoor!, ironman nice bike course strava etc… right to be solved stuff, ads and profile you we have our... Posted dozens of post and reactions, all members of the situation headed to Paris – what do you for! At this point since the connection was severed search of information on the Sports Heros help they report: are! To review or test beta products the opening statement that they need to refactor code to update an API for. Connected ‘ Map my run ’, without any results any results or financial data data! To Paris – what do you recommend for training or sightseeing a right.... Thing is for sure – it isn ’ t that they need a precision Boris Pourreau by id... That same offering wasn ’ t to events through Ironman, but they aren ’ make... À jour le 2 septembre 2018 newly instantiated Ironman virtual Club ( but they sometimes also call it undulating others... Typical of Ironman, but one thing is for sure – it isn ’ t that they “., both for work and for fun manually export from Strava, ads and profile you key doesn ’ so! Challenge is, Ironman themselves decided they didn ’ t make a right ” convenient tracker choice. Or you get out of it put things under one ecosystem registered at 16:06 minutes per,! Or Boris, founder & CEO at Sport Heroes though, Sport was! S no awareness across these sets unless a user specifically consents to it watch... Through the semi-arid British Columbia Interior: 133 options to activate this and just. From my watch will sync to IMVR but the way the system is setup Strava no...

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