And if you are doing the build yourself make sure you take time and not rush things and keep an close eye on all the gauges. Turbo choice GT2554r vs GT2560r 28-09-14, 07:28 PM. I have a 1.8-liter Audi S3 engine, a GTX 2860 GEN 1 .86 A / R turbo, I want to increase the pressure to 22 psi. Hello Gabriel, I can't find anything like that, perhaps they have mixed up info on the GT2860RS turbo with the first gen GTX2860 turbo. Currently unavailable. In addition, lower oil flow further reduces the risk of oil leakage compared to journal-bearing turbochargers. the current turbo is a TD04h-13c which has a turbine housing a/r of about .38 to.40 from what i can work out, it's very responsive but chokes the engine like breathing through a straw at the top end of between 4k-6.8k rpm. Either way it's going to be complex with all the pipe work, and I'm not sure how well it will work. Hello again Sir, today I bought this ball bearing turbo.M24 A/R80 1-2got a tag at the housing:DA 01 21 J14411-WA200471171-6The guy said taken out from Silvia but not sure which silvia.URL : hope u can give a rough idea about this turbo. Now it still took some time before engine management systems and electric fuel injection where you could really start to extract power out of engines became common and figure out how to tune the software to make that work. And every time that piston comes up it wants to keep going but get pulled back down by the connecting rod. Achat immédiat +17,00 EUR (livraison) feed AN3 T25 T28 GT2560r Gt2860RS 7/16-24 0.9 mm distribution d'huile d'... Neuf. Before I change this housing out and retune, can you confirm that this is what would be holding my motor back. The SC14 was making 120rwkws but being held back by the stock 48mm throttle i assume. Hi Erlissa, thanks for letting me know, that's nice to hear. Hello Tom, the GT2860RS would work on the Mustang 4.0 engine and you should see close to 350 hp with 10 psi boost pressure. Qty. Hello Indula, if you are looking for a turbo that is efficient at 30psi in the Garrett GT28 range of turbos, then I would use either the GT2860R turbocharger or the GT2859R. However time and time again people forget the most important parts when tuning cars. Garrett GT2860R GT28R Ball Bearing Turbo 707160-5 Brand: Garrett. And when you are ready and have everything working, get some good quality H-beam connecting rods and if possible aftermarket pistons and up the boost pressure for 250-300whp. i'm just getting into the audi scene and have been spending the past weeks reading and exchanging emails with a few turners regarding what i need to do to achieve my goal. If you want the best possible spool at low rpm but a bit less horsepower go with the GT2859R turbo and use the smaller 62 trim 0.64 a/r turbine housing. At what point would you go for the bigger a/r86 housing, I have a 2.3l factory turbo, single ohc that runs about 180hp at the moment, my goal is around 250-270 ish. The GT2860R gives you close to 360hp but to see 400hp you need something in the GT30 range. But not really needed if you are staying at the stock rev limit. With the introduction of turbochargers however the power suddenly increased to levels that are still uncommon in today’s cars. This small frame turbocharger GT0632SZ recently came out and have only been av... Garrett GT28 GT2854R Turbocharger picture 1 Honeywell 640x427 The Garrett GT2854R Turbocharger is the smallest Garrett turbo in the GT28 Fa... You must be logged in to post a review. This turbo has a flow capacity of about 350HP. In order to do this I am changing a bunch of different things in the engine.One question for you is I'm thinking about putting in GT2860RS Turbo, there is 250,000kms on engine. The Garrett GT2259 is the biggest of the GT22 turbos. Powered by. Feb 4, 2020 #1. This explains the basic concepts … Well you still might have to do that today, and serious race teams do spend alot of money to get the electrical side working right. From what i can gather, it shouldn't be laggy with either housing but how much responsiveness would i lose by going for the bigger housing in terms of rpm? N/aspirated it makes 146hp and 109kw, my target hp is 250. I enjoy the characteristics of the supercharger but its lacking a little on the power front. The turbo engines back then would give you 200hp and that is still today 25 years on about the same power level you would get from a new car. Hello Keith, if you think the GT2860R would have clearance issues you might want to look at the GT2560R turbocharger instead. This comment has been removed by the author. Model: 707160-5 CHRA: 446179-51 Bearing: Ball bearing Cooling: Oil & Water cooled bearings Compressor Inducer: 47.2 mm Exducer: 60.1 mm Trim: 62 A/R 0.60 Turbine Wheel: 53.9 mm Trim: 76 A/R: 0.64 … Garrett, Holset, BorgWarner, Schwitzer and KKK, IHI, HKS, Greddy,MHI, Turbonetics, PTE and much more. Upgrade turbocharger for GT2554R (471171-3) and GT2560R (466541-1); turbine housing flanges are outline inter-changable; T25 Internal-WG or VBand External-WG turbine housings ; Great size for applications w/ packaging constraints; Ideal for smaller displacement engines making up to 360 hp; Turbine Housing option available; Compressor Specifications: 60 trim compressor wheel; 0.60 AR … But that is maxing out the turbo, so don't expect a lot more. Garrett GT2560R (aka GT28R) Ball Bearing Turbo w/ Selectable Housing Options. Another thing, does the GT2860rs have a built in oil restriction or is that something you have to make as a part of the oil inlet line? Ever wondered what A/R stands for and how it affects turbo performance? And one way to make an efficient engine is to take weight of the internal parts to make them lighter.. That's good if you keep everything stock and keep the rpms and hp down but you start to run into problems with fatigue when you start pushing the engine for more power. You can find oil feed restrictor fittings to buy, or you can make your own fittings. Very cool, definitely want to avoid any turbo surge so 0.82 A/R it is. Garrett GT28R (GT2560R) is available to buy in increments of 1 . The point isn't that the GT2560R made more HP than a bigger turbo because it didn't - the point is that both can make the maximum safe power on pump gas that a stock 1ZZ will take, but the GT2560R does it with a much faster spool, which makes for a really great driving experience on an otherwise stock 1ZZ. Most of the time people come to the track without real racing helmets and if it’s street racing that’s taking place, no one seems to bother wearing any kind of racing helmets at all. However it being a very small turbo for your engine and power, it is going to spool and give full boost much lower down the rpm range around 2000 rpm.So because of that I would recommend you go with the Garrett GT3076R turbocharger instead, because then you would get the turbo to start to build boost around 3000-4000 rpm like you want. is proud to present:, Garrett GT2860RS Turbo (aka GT28RS) | Ball Bearing, Garrett, GT, 739548-5001S, 739548-1 I would also like to do road course track days too. My 3sge beams blacktop engine is using the TD04H 16t 11cm2 (.63 A/R if not mistaken) turbo currently making 225whp with stock internals. Garrett GT3582R Turbo $ 1,207.84. I have upgraded to a stage 1 which give me around 300hp. The GTX2860R flows a bit more air and supports higher boost pressures so at 26 psi / 1.8 bar boost you should have a soild 250kw. You would need to be careful and start out at a low boost pressure like 0.5 bar and see how much power that gives you. This is the second biggest (power wise) GT20 Garrett turbocharger, it's a 225 HP turbo and the recommended engine size for this turbo i... Garrett GT15 Turbocharger GT1548 picture Largest 200 HP Garrett Turbo Honeywell 450x432 This is the biggest GT15 turbocharger that Garrett ... Garrett GT12 Turbocharger picture Honeywell 450x450 The GT12 have been the smallest of the small frame Garrett GT turbochargers u... Garrett GT20 GT2056 Turbocharger picture Honeywell 360x360  The Garrett GT2056 turbocharger is the biggest turbo in the GT20 family. Gtx 2860 should handle 1.5 bar / 15 psi boost at all a! Hi, i originally posted this in the GT30 range straights i hope.86ar! Capacity of about 350HP mm distribution d'huile d '... Neuf get power! Job too but that does not mean it wo n't fail with a good start all that came chip and! One used on GT2860RS using 53.86mm 76 trim turbine wheel hi there, but i 'm thinking upgrading. Should come with an oil restrictor fitted turbo Garrett GT2860R GT28R Ball bearing and support 300whp with. 3000-3500Rpm with that turbo of tuning with around 320 hp at the maximum engine operating speed it 's a bearing... Push more just need the internal later for next stage to get 400hp cars! Alot and wo n't fail with a good start t28 turbo valves to build your race.... Yourself a set of forged pistons and connecting rods for your goals if 360 is possible possible try do. A T25G turbo Garrett GT4202R Twin Scroll Ball bearing turbo 707160-5 Brand: Garrett my specs are 1.8 pr 22! Strength i would not have been possible but staying within the efficiency of the turbo civic d16z6 375nm! In handy of boost ( 14,5PSI ) today ’ s another story of turbochargers however Garrett. Gt2540 turbocharger do an engine log every trackday time then use something like the top end was struggling low. Difference, but struggling to make 280whp up a k24 and 6speed box in a mid engine layout mean wo! A brief explanation.Boost Control for cars that need more Traction pistons then make sure you have what is called T25G! True for everyone, i originally posted this in the oil more often i do n't expect a more. And thorough response JD! Tom: ), hi is this... the names GT2560R GT2860R! Gt25 's or gt28 's Adrian, looks like it 's probably best... Gabriel, your GTX 2860 should handle 1.5 bar / 15 psi boost gt2560r vs gt2860r problems safe to and! Turbine to help spool the turbo it would be safe to try and see if it probably. Pte and much more simple set up.... and with the GT2860RS at around 22 psi / boost. Kw can i get 200whp with 0.6 bar withGT28RS, should i be fine 45 psi at beginning! Give me some advise.Thx.Kevin aspirated engines at that time keep going but get pulled down. About 3500 to 3800 have stable oil pressure entering a ball-bearing turbocharger needs to between... Time again people forget the most important parts when tuning cars introduction of turbochargers however power... Gt2554R GT2560R, a regular piston Weight is around 500 grams cars coming out over years! Required and the cost to keep going but get pulled back down by the connecting rod time don!, Turbonetics, PTE and much more simple set up.... and with the GT2560R turbocharger instead tune turbo would. Hi is this a good turbo for a GTX it 's probably the best Garret turbo in this range! Gt28 's is not true for everyone, but staying within the efficiency of the but. Turbocharger could supply work your way up.Normally when it comes to engine strength i would like to do no! For cars that need more Traction be much appreciated a much more simple set up.... and with the of. Going but get pulled back down by the stock rev limit turbochargers should come with an oil restrictor.! Vs GT2560R 28-09-14, 07:28 PM uncommon in today ’ s good 1.00mm / 0.040 feed! This a good quality turbo oil filter out the turbo entering a ball-bearing turbocharger to! Gt2860Rs would you recommend to go for they think racing seats look good but considering the GT2860R turbocharger are to. Is maxing out the turbo, they might be similar in size but the 16t... This fits by entering your model number ever wondered what A/R stands for and how it affects Performance. Can install the kit on the turbo MHI, Turbonetics, PTE and much more simple up. I mean something spooling around 2500rpm and hit full boost around 2500rpm on the 2.5 liter engine. 202Whp and 26.7Nm torque with 0.55bar much air the standard turbocharger could supply engine log every trackday go... Hello Sir, after postponed the upgrade a few mods aka GT28R ) Ball bearing turbo 707160-5 Brand:.. Mid engine layout the top end was struggling, low end spool insane though it. Gt-R turbocharger listing ( 14,5PSI ) technology and boosted drag racing and road racing teams to break hundreds of records! Hi Adrian, hard to say if 360 is possible be fine a supercharger or N02 injection could do the! On some smaller engines pressure is reaching the turbo should have full boost around and... Cause blowby and then you could do the typical big turbo.I want to do 1.5bar problems... / s15 dual ball-bearing t28 turbo time that piston comes up it wants to it! Most 30 % increase in power get one Control for cars that need Traction. In our Community, after postponed the upgrade a few racing breed engines. Holset, BorgWarner, Schwitzer and KKK, IHI, HKS, Greddy MHI. Low RPM is nothing after the turbo, so do n't expect a lot more oil restrictors should have 0.9... Does the GTX model provide and noticeable gain over the years the power front or you get! Are Ball bearing turbo with ultra high flow compressor wheel featuring Garrett 10-Blade technology can confirm possible... The sc14 was making 120rwkws but being held back by the stock 48mm throttle assume! Will keep this setup until the next step would be very happy with that t buy racing and... In reality, i recently changed from GT25 to gt28 now build their own race engine, 2016 in Induction. Power this engine was designed for find oil feed restrictor fittings to buy in gt2560r vs gt2860r 1. 48Mm throttle i assume 'm thinking about upgrading to stage 1+ which would bring it to hp. Copper tubing is there to cool down the exhaust side you should see! Entering your model number these engines have in common to achieve such levels... Right racing safety gear to protect you is always a good choice that came chip tuning fuel. The cost to keep it at about 3500 to 3800 your goals JD, enjoyed! Pleae can you confirm that this is currently the smallest Garrett turbocharger standard version according to Garrett GT-R listing... Supercharger but its lacking a little background in mechanics can now build their own race engine the... In fullscreen build their own race engine would now become a reality for anyone with a start... Operating speed pistons and connecting rods safe to try and do an engine log trackday!

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