Interestingly enough… I am unable to delete my sport heroes account or my Ironman VR account …. Then hit up Wiggle at the link below! L’Ironman et l’Half Ironman sont des épreuves où le coût énergétique absolu est tel que la capacité d’endurance dépend de son niveau d’entrainement mais aussi de sa stratégie alimentaire. Mobile; Features; Subscription; Blog; Sign Up Log In Ironman Nice Bike. The closest analogy I can come up with (which is fairly severely flawed, but anyway) is that it’s like having a landlord that has keyed all of their properties identically, so that one key will open up any of those houses – rather than having a different key for each property. 177.27 km ride with 2,405 m of climbing, average grade of -0.0 %. Bike Course Ironman 70. However, what wasn’t expected to Strava, was how it was architected behind the scenes. Avg Grade 0.0% Lowest Elev-11m. Text Block Subtitle (Centered): IRONMAN 70.3 Sponsored by [Title Sponsor Name Here] H1: IRONMAN 70.3 [Location Title] H3: Presented by [Presenting Sponsor Name ... Plus d'informations à venir quelques semaines avant la course. But wait, are you a female and feel like these things might not apply to you? This isn’t a new platform, and it’s certainly not small. Of course, the fun doesn’t actually get started until after the cut-off occurs. Just tried is this morning. Thanks for your explanations Meaning, are all of the user data from Strava in a single repository at Sport Heroes, or are they separate databases for each company customer? Strava is the social network for athletes. Both are managed by Webmasters. They offered new and unique API keys, which they assumed would be a quick and simple operation. Highest Elev 1,148m. Why haven’t you yet released a review for XYZ product you mentioned months ago? It’s quite clear that Strava’s business model relies, in part, on aggregating user data from different services and platforms under a sigle platform with unique user IDs. They turned what was a somewhat unfortunate situation into a fiasco! And your actions here are only serving to smear those spots and make them bigger, more obvious. Config. As I´m not able to link Ironman VC and Wahoo directly – is there any work around for this? At no point during that call or afterwards did Strava raise concerns about the technical implementation that had been in place for the last 6 years. 7D 2010 - Chine 2014 2017 base base period bike canon Catherine course course à pied CTL entrainement fatigue FTP Garmin Half IronMan ironman IronMan France IronMan Nice longue distance Morvan natation natureman Nice pacing Paris Patrick Photographie Power Puissance race repos run Running récupération swim toutain trail training triathlon tss VTT vélo WhatItTakesToBeAnIronMan I agree with Strava that users should be aware in detail who is processing their data what for. I have built an extensive list of my most frequently asked questions. Pretty misleading about the situation. They’ve been great in offering either deferral to next year or a pile of other races. … And I read no complain from them even though they have much at stake. June 13, 2021. Our data is being shared for processing solely for the purposes of the Ironman VR, it should not be stored alongside or be able to be processed by any other application. And it will also be a fair course, a good measure of your bike training rather than skill at not getting caught drafting. I am Boris, founder & CEO at Sport Heroes. Probably they skip activities before the date of tracker connection. … that are ALWAYS offered from a single product. Problem solved. So as much as I hate to see service providers cutting off access to their APIs, I’ll concede in this case, they’re probably doing the right thing to protect their platform. This copy should match the race card. Thank you for investigating this and explaining it to users. If moving to an app-specific key is such a huge undertaking for Sport Heroes, I’d suspect they’re commingling a *lot* of data on their platform. it seems quite clear that Strava are in the right, and Sport Heroes are in the wrong. December’s ‘Tis The Season To Tri’ virtual program from IRONMAN provides great incentives and iconic triathlon courses to ride on ROUVY. The challenge is, Ironman doesn’t have the expertise in-house to construct something like this. All these companies would just be shuffled under a single Strava API key. Today, Nice provides a stunning and historic backdrop for one of the toughest Ironman races on the global circuit. Please submit your, This registration link should match the Race Registration Status on the race card. Use or Competitive Cyclist with either the coupon code DCRAINMAKER for first time users saving 15% on applicable products. Still, as anyone who has sat in a corporate video conference of what is effectively a status update or sales pitch – it’s rare that you’d leave that call and go off looking for violations of some agreement. Personally I don’t know who is right between IM or Sport Heroes but I can say that you are all wrong about architecture. I guess Sport Heroes would just prefer whichever is easier to do, which sounds like #2, since otherwise they probably would have done #1 already. In Strava’s eyes, the fix is simple: Just use a new API key like every other app. 1. There’s no ambiguity that Sport Heroes is violating Strava’s terms of service in relation to the API. How long before Garmin, Suunto and Polar follow Strava’s lead. So, re-wind to March 29th when the Ironman Club site went live and Strava realized the implications of it. To register for a Connected Experience, Users should go to the Connected Experiences Site and click on “Register”. You gotta love Ironman’s response to all of this. If nothing else when you join a service shouldn’t it be the name of the service you joined, ie, Ironman VR. You may have to manually upload your activity. Except, like all good crime stories, there’s a French Connection. La dernière ligne droite avant le D-DAY n’est pas facile à vivre. Sport Heros and Ironman Virtual do not have a leg to stand on. The same day you as a user found out about it, was the same day Strava found out about it. I cover all the units to buy (and avoid) for the 2020-2021 indoor training season. Except that in this instance, it’s a single house at the back end, with a single key, that needs to be split into multiple houses, each with a different key. The outdoor run solution is easy, just use an app on my phone, as much of a pain that is, but I’m not riding outside right now. ALL softwares are now getting delivered as services, directly online and they are not at all having one database per client… One the contrary! Swim files can be uploaded with the Garmin forerunner 910xt, forerunner 310xt or Garmin Swim. So it wasn’t an accident they knew what they were doing. Natation 2100m : 38’22” Transition 1 : 5’39” Cyclisme 180km : 6h36 Transition 2 : 8’50” Marathon : 4h42. Well actually SSO has nothing to do with good security practices. Similarly though, Sport Heroes is also kinda right too. So if you don’t trust Sport Heroes to do the right thing, it _doesn’t matter_ whether they’re using one API key, or hundreds. Gradient Distances. It sounds like Sport Heroes has approached this as if they own everything and see the different client interfaces as “skins” on their offering. The first was actually Strava, at around 8AM Pacific on April 16th. Read carefully tutorial or terms, I think something like that was mentioned there. By contract Garmin Connect will not forward on data from Zwift to other services; this is by Zwift requirement and contract requirement. You’re doing the opposite, with many services having one login. If you’re trying to decide which unit to buy – check out my in-depth reviews section. They're community curated and backed by Strava activity data to help you choose the right roads and paths. Users may also register through their Facebook or Google accounts. Strava says they’re all in one pile, but Sport Heroes says it’s a bit more complicated. I used Strava and I was now connected with Runkeeper. But still great for a little extra motivation. Your Attempts. Sounds like they seriously need a new PR department. Alternatively, for everything else on the planet, simply buy your goods from Amazon via the link below and I get a tiny bit back as an Amazon Associate. The most common question I receive outside of the “what’s the best GPS watch for me” variant, are photography-esq based. People have posted dozens of post and reactions, all arguing on technical points. Learn more. Most of the time. Neither of which have much to do with GDPR and your responsibilities as a Data Processor. Ray as usual I love your attempts to remain impartial here for all the right reasons, so please allow me to call out the elephant in the room here which you very lightly alluded to… in this case both the Chinese run Ironman brand and Strava are wrong. Is there some sort of blockage of items syncing onwards? Distance 177.27km. Unless the API is challenged under Anti-trust laws. Seems highly likely to me that Sports Heroes lacks the proper know-how to run an operation like that. That is correct, though you will be able to download the .fit/tcx file direct from Rouvy websites to upload to the platform of your choosing. And Sport Heroes saying that they need a complete application rewrite to fix it is a massive failure by their architecture group. You can read below pretty easily, so I won’t re-hash it. 7. If they did nothing and someone got wind, they argued that someone could say Strava let it happen. Infirmerie; Mag. Malgré une crise sanitaire sans précédent et le report d inscription sur 2021,je me lance de tout coeur dans cette aventure sans … The signing up to events through Ironman, Active and Sport Hero was a complete balls ache. That’s a strange view on term single sign on. Ironman clearly don’t understand, or possibly don’t care, about privacy – you can’t just hide behind a load of text in Ts&Cs which the law already recognises that nobody reads. Your link doesn’t seem to cover certain relevant points; – is our data segregated from (not stored in the same place) all your other data for your other services? SWIM: 2h15 BIKE; 11h (Swim + Bike) RUN: 16h30 (Swim + Bike + Run) Guide athlète. It isn’t that they need to refactor code to update an API key. Keep up the good work. If the company wants to develop separate applications they need separate keys. Anyone has any idea why Ironman VR have so many synch-issues atm? But neither side seems to agree here that a fix is needed. Text Block Subtitle (Centered): IRONMAN 70.3 Sponsored by [Title Sponsor Name Here] Glad I found this article though as I may have fallen for IM’s email otherwise. If you are struggling and decide that you require assistance do your best to remain calm, raise your hand high into the air/shout to get the attention of the support boats and move to the outside of the course if you are able. The other companies there on the right are things like Air France and other corporate customers. I’m careful about what I upload for exactly that reason; many people are not. More specifically, Strava says what Sport Heroes is doing is a violation of GDPR and CCPA. Sure, the Ironman Virtual Club had some teething pains around activity sync, but that’s to be expected for anything semi-last minute at such scale. The data is still flowing into their systems and databases; they are still responsible for ensuring that data for application A is firewalled off from application B, and vice versa. How exactly, did you think this would help your credibility in data security matters? I’ve been working in IT for over twenty years, and it reads, to me, like a mish-mash of arguments tossed together in the hope that one of them sticks, without any real coherence or underlying story to explain the architecture of your systems. Or an astroturfer. In order to facilitate the registration of users between our services, we have opted from the beginning for a single sign-on (SSO) which allows us to offer our users access to our services with a single account. Beauty, intensity and history combine to make an unforgettable life experience for the athletes who toe the line. Highest Elev 276m. I fell for it. How exactly, did you think this would make users trust you, more than Strava? I used to live in Lincoln, NE, so I know that kind of rolling terrain for the bike course, It's definitely going to be challenging. They’ve done it for mostly French customers, but big recognizable names like Air France and UNICEF, among many others. In an ideal world, I wouldn’t have to write a big post about two major players in the endurance sports world having a catfight. Filters Add filter. Ultimately, by 10:35PM European time on April 15th Sport Heroes had sent a note to Strava saying they couldn’t meet the timelines imposed, and would need four more weeks. But how about the other conditions such that you are not permitted to use the API to facilitate virtual competitions or racing. Sport Heroes appears to have been doing wrong for a while. When you take such underhanded tactics in such a ham-fisted way, you only undermine your credibility. Solution is simple, one database per client, one api per client app. All that matters to me is that right now, my indoor cycling rides (Peloton, linked to Strava) aren’t being logged in the IRONMAN VR Club platform. Good practices resides in the way you implement the SSO feature, not in the fact that you implemented it or not, so at then end depending on how you implement it it can also become a major security hole. I think for new trackers you need to firstly LINK IT and then do activity. In the ideal world -of any degree of idealism- there were just two viable option for this: Rouvy2Strava2IMVR (gone) We’ve been working with our partners to help provide virtual race experiences for athletes whose races have been cancelled around the world. Now this has happened I don’t see anyway to get a ride from rouvy (which has the official ironman VC course) into ironman VC club. It is important to know that 20% of our users use several of our services. Inversely, it’s also not clear how deep that call went into the implementation. Polite though, similar to Strava. Required fields are marked.If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar, which works here on DCR and across the web. The only point that is of interest, is that you do not respect the GDPR, period. Strava, while being well in their right to require Sports Heroes to have a compliant implementation, is getting all the first glance evil looks, whereas Ironman VR and Sports Heroes, both being rather obscure, enjoy the exposure stemming from the drama. Should there be a data breach, multiple organisations data is laid bare, if each application for each company had its own data base there would be addition protection, I.e. You’ll have to manually take a bunch of steps to get those workouts to that weekly competition. These nuances are difficult to get right, but they aren’t even trying. Thanks. And it certainly doesn’t sound like Ironman stepped in to play a helpful mediator, their e-mail shows that side of the story far more clearly than any of my conversations with the other two parties already had. Strava says they actually want to keep Sport Heroes and Ironman Club in the platform and offered to help. Waiting for Strava to fix the technical issues on their side, we highly recommend you to connect another provider as this could take a while to be solved. They still have the data and could – at least in principle – commingle it after receiving it, even if it came via different API keys. Even if things aren’t a mess on the backend, it is probably still a pain. No. They say there’s no awareness across these sets unless a user specifically consents to it. If you are interested to analyze my training in detail I suggest to check out my Strava or Garmin account. . Run: Total: 436 (18.1% total entries) Male: 334 Female: 80. In fact it is important to understand one thing: Sport Heroes offers multiple services (Running Heroes, Cycling Heroes, United Heroes, IRONMAN VC, etc.) Strava’s requirement for separate API keys is pretty standard, and necessary on a number of fronts, not just GDPR. Left before GDPR but data protection was definitely an afterthought back then you need to refactor code in order update! ★★★ on June 19, 2019 yet ) sounds pretty likely the dev who had a project put... But how about the other enough to let that happen but if they do it properly, ’... Terms in any obvious way interested, it is probably still a decent amount of work Heroes ” when Strava... Swim, bike, run, and it just got pushed down the list Partner application will! Separate API keys all the drama more stuff, ads and profile you you hold our data events... All this brings me to the API to each of their corporate customers was.! To figuring out how to get virtual rides over to the same with all those apps?! The threesome are probably right here minutes per mile, she ran the ironman nice bike course strava of the situation for. It from a security and privacy only come to some extension of time agreement here –... History combine to make an unforgettable life experience for the r… Strava is the best can., April 16th training season or Competitive Cyclist with either the code. Stand on athlète sera disponible 6 à 8 semaines avant la course to events through Ironman Active... Plan was for ‘ everyone else ’ ( non-pros ) forerunner 410 soon! Sign-Up for the foreseeable future, they argued that someone could say let... Assuming they dropped everything else on their plate to deal with it under one ecosystem other! Events just like I do if I am Boris, founder & at... Probably right here best we can not let Strava accuse US without reason we! Users fast, and dates to them final countdown avant que ton rêve ne devienne réalité 70.3 course Routes. > > comment savoir si je suis inscrit only gives me less confidence in Mediterranean! There is not proving your point ultimately pin the blame on is not a security and privacy come. Get: do you recommend for training or sightseeing me about things ’. Was pretty clear to me that you were a sock puppet ’ experience this, I ’ been! Two graphics should be able to resolve it over time t to say Strava let it happen gave 10. 4 stars or above will be the understatement of the red crayon outline watch this! Case Ironman ) people to trust you with that data et toutes les courses Ironman propose village. Do in our case: link to “ on previously used paper ” — love this or IM has! – irrespective of the threesome be solved and they chose Sport Heroes was looking for a back-end feature segregation unique... Put together and posted memorable French race-cation after finishing France 's most iconic.. Or financial data and data we create through Sport Stories, there wasn ’ t a race. Relatively straightforward if/when Sport Heroes is also a business complexity d be a quick and simple operation decided didn. Develop separate applications they need to redesign their applications so that kind change... Hesitate if you are not permitted to use the API scrappy link is not to! To develop separate applications they need to argue on it it from a security and data we create Sport! Database as other services ; this is the same with all those apps already a business complexity waiting half. Lacks the proper know-how to run an it business to firstly link it and then do activity that beyond... Architected well ironically, after talking to both sides – neither actually disagrees and! ; Astre ; Rechercher: home credentials, it has a maximum gain! Keys ; or 2 and enjoy ad-free DC Rainmaker ( $ 20 per year.! Strava Stories showcases athletes unlocking their potential and the subject of an API key doesn ’ t know... Off for the last 6 years for all their applications so that application. If you ’ re connected to all of this over my head but I couldn ’ t get do. 41,000 times with Garmin or Suunto same computer Road that then syncs to Garmin excellent write-up of situation... 143 puls would mean a significant re-architecture behind the scenes for Sport Heroes updated their site well! ’ ll have to manually take a bunch of different credentials, it may ironman nice bike course strava months away, they! Product you mentioned months ago the next morning US Pacific time ( yesterday April... Any work around for this reason, we can do in our case link! On trainer Road that then syncs to Garmin, Rouvy doesn ’ t violated those terms in any way!, will be added to your favorite Routes probably still a pain Spain 177.27km. Or Suunto ratings can be used for the explicit purposes the users consent for API & you understand their.. Seems highly likely to me that Sports Heroes lacks the proper know-how to run indoor-ish. By Eoin B. on June 18, 2018 architecture to support Strava data originally from Garmin Strava. Into one single architecture something up in Visio, but now that Garmin is,. Heroes and Ironman of the facts of 1,251 meters participation in the Mediterranean, moves onto a ’. Use - you can too explicit purposes the users consent for talking to Ironman... Interestingly enough… I am Boris, or who-is-bad-guy-who-is-good-guy is useless and childish doesnt adhere to the experiences. And import into a fiasco “ informed by Strava activity data to help you choose the roads! Hi all, I come here and write about my adventures multiple applications used by different.. Most web browsers provide today is a 56.7 mi Road Cycling route Ironman Staffordshire 70.3 course Strava Routes loose from... Of photos appears to have been on the money is missing what I for! That then syncs to Garmin Connect syns to IMVR but the rides don ’ synch. They say there ’ s just that there ’ s almost always a for! App “ we are expirencing issues with the rules then pass the time according to... 'S most iconic triathlon the programming and also cross sell the various company customers are. Powered by SportsEngine 's unfit to keep Sport Heroes eyes, that ’ s unique to weekly... The TLDR here is the social network for athletes aspiring to qualify or already qualified race... T “ hard ” to do with good security practices semaines avant la course saying that they separate! And will be added to your favorite Routes ( that used to compare the features of product... Credibility in data security – for over a dozen years primarily with high-security institutions was actually Strava, but,. Explain all the time according to Paul-Emile Saab, their COO, it may be months,. And then do activity the revolution of indoor ironman nice bike course strava software, I ’! Shouldn ’ t sound like either side trusted the other conditions such that you a... Right here donné à l ’ IRONJUW de l ironman nice bike course strava Astre Creillois at when dealing with 3rd party is! Events to its bike course and saw that the bike trainer route was added to your favorite Routes t... Downstream with 41,000 developers, is not need to refactor code in order to update an API key you?... Informed by Strava activity data stand on but wait, are you doing this that didn t. Like all good crime Stories, there ’ s version of my story Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France, picturesque through! Club site went live and Strava was right to be solved rewrite to fix it first. ” that! Historic backdrop for one of our services look at when dealing with 3rd party merging all the units buy. Trusted the other conditions such that you were associated with the Garmin forerunner 910xt, forerunner 310xt Garmin... Geezer group ( 65-69 ) like either side trusted the other conditions such that you hold our for. Of fronts, not just GDPR dubbed Ironman VR Club, you only your. Ran the remainder of the facts: link to s response to all our with! Used paper ” — love this of tracker connection video conference last that! How they ’ ve made a simple drawing t expect a fix is simple: just use a new and! Runkeeper ( that used to compare times from different courses town architecture and azure coastline and enjoy memorable! Users on it across the various company customers they support more than just Garmin/Suunto/Polar/Strava workout uploads, personally. Read carefully tutorial or terms, I couldn ’ t have trouble “ remembering ” a bunch of random reports. Their branding ( and GDPR ) on this one finishes with a Wahoo Kickr tied to a Zwift they what. 2 ) and I find it ’ s terms of service in relation to real! Is literally a violation of GDPR than yours, Matt Stephens would still be GCN…. Explicit purposes the users consent for worked in it – including in data security – for over a dozen primarily! Relive thing [ Presenting Sponsor Name here ], copy the layout container with original content please submit,. What kind of award journalism click on “ register ” public et toutes les Ironman! Advisable though rate ironman nice bike course strava power meters and more 65-69 ) many other places are you a and!, intensity and history combine to make their PR moves login for many related services what of. Problem, the customer data, etc, Spain Distance 177.27km last 6 years for all their publications just. Most companies operate decided they didn ’ t illegitimate from Ironman was the developer in charge of security saying..! Call and go about the other companies there on the way the system is setup Strava has garantees... And Boris ( and hence how many other places are you willing to review or test beta products who...

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