Feb … The Shimano XT M8100 and SLX M7100 disc-brakes on the trail. I'm comparing XT to Zee disc brakes for my bike. Shimano M640 Zee Hydraulic Disc Brake Shimano Zee in a new line of gravity components that comes at a friendlier price point than the Shimano Saint big brother. Then you have the Zee and the Saint brakes. Love mine on my DH rig. Currently have the SLX due to budget restrains when I bought my bike and wanted to upgrade to dual piston because the fading is fucking horrible at steeper descents with them, and the choice was pretty much XT 8020s or Zee (maybe Saint if I start to shit out cash by accident). XT also gets Shimano's $52.99 USD Freeza Centerlock-only rotors, previously only seen on the pricier XTR brakes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, StumpJumper Evo 27.5 (29) || Surly Krampus. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Can I use the Avid adapters I have with the Shimano brakes or will I need to use Shimano adapters? 12 speed drivetrain #Shimano #brakes. We tested the two most common: the metal and resin versions with ICE technology cooling fins on our Shimano XTR Trail brakes. I have a set of Zees on my Transition TR500 and before even giving them a chance I … Today I'm looking at the XT M8100 Race brakes, that use 2 piston calipers. Organic pads, which are also referred to as resin or semi-metallic brake pads, are made from a high-density ceramic and are softer than sintered pads. Is there a big difference between Zee and Saint in terms of modulation and braking power? The XTR versions, however, do control power noticeably better than the XT. I If you're riding your 303 anywhere near like it was meant, it deserves 4-pot brakes though; Zees for only $20/wheel over XT is easily worth it, my opinion. Shimano XT brakes are often said to be the standard for how mountain bike disc brakes should perform for the power and price they are offered at. If you’re using these brakes for everyday riding like I am, I’d recommend swapping to the quieter organic ones. If you’re a newcomer to gravity riding, ZEE is the perfect place to start. The brake levers always come with clamps, it's the shifters that can be specced with either a clamp or an I-Spec mount. The Zee brake set from Shimano are an all around excellent setup. For what it's worth I'm running an M820 Saint front, Zee … Do the zees have reach adjust? No issues with the pump up like others have mentioned. Got them installed yesterday, then session-ed Deer Valley. Might get another set for my enduro. The M8020 brakes look just like Shimano’s Saint downhill brakes. While Zee plays second fiddle to Saint in Shimano's pricing structure, similar to the relationships between Deore XT and XTR, there is virtually no loss in performance. This is false. A forum community dedicated to Mountain Bike owners and enthusiasts. I went zee from Sram Guide R, the modulation is dang good and stopping power is really strong. When it comes to Shimano brakes, they have a reputation for fuss free reliability, especially at lower price points, and XT two-piston brakes are kind of the benchmark for trail brakes in many regards. Shimano XT SM-RT86 6-hole Disc Rotor 203mm | Brake Rotor Discs Shop Zee front and rear with H03C metals : Shimano ZEE BR-M640-B Disc Brake Set with H03C Metal | Disc Brake - Sets Shop . A cycling community enthusiastic about mountain biking and all things related. Lots of braking power and IMO plenty of modulation. Shimano Saint BR-M820-B | $480/pair. They are, at their core function, the same brake- crazy powerful, excellent cooling properties, and easy to work on. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. So, back in April, I got a Trek Remedy 9.8 that came stock with the XT brakes. Both brakes can lock the rear or send you over the front easily, especially with 200mm rotors. You can also convert the shifters between one to the other. I-Spec is Shimano's system for attaching brake/shifter to the bars with one clamp. Zee's stopping power is a lot stronger than the 2-piston XTs. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. If you are installing the 4-piston caliper to upgrade your current M8000 brakes, congratulations! This is one groupset that gives you the confidence to find your flow and handle even the gnarliest of downhill rides. I've heard that Shimano has released new "batches" of XT M8000 brakes to address issues with inconsistency. The overall differences are found mostly in the lever itself. Zee and Saint are the only Shimano brakes with an inside edge hose attachment to protect them against accidental crash and uplift damage. The Zee has far more power and surprisingly enough, it also has better modulation and control. Option 3: Shimano Zee, if you're in for some extra stopping power and durability Both of your choices are good brakes as well and both do have good stopping power. ... reviews that mean nothing to me. Other than the free stroke adjustment (which nearly everyone turns all the way in) and the reach adjust knob, the Saints also have a slightly slimmer clamp band and a more compact reservoir assembly which gives you a bit more flexibility when positioning the controls. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Other times, like the stealthy release of the BL-MT501/BR-MT520 brake last year, Shimano doesn’t so much as utter a peep. What do you think? VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. The Zee is a bit heavier since it's a downhill brake, but I'm more than happy to take the slight weight penalty for the added power & control. Zees have more material to them and more fluid volume. ... Zee M640-B: 15 degrees: 12mm ... Shimano Deore XT M8000 11-speed – first look. The modulation in the brakes is vastly improved over the previous on/off generation of Shimano brakes. This version of the Saint brake was released years ago. The brakes come on strongly enough with so much less effort than the Juicy's. A hole in the brake lever clamp assembly let you bolt the compatible shift lever to the back of the brake lever. Zee's stopping power is a lot stronger than the 2-piston XTs. 06-12-2019 #45. XT is "enduro". I … Just go with those imo. I found the power similar, but now much easier to just apply a small amount of braking force compared to the on/off XT. But zee will be slightly stronger and better modulation. Come join the discussion about bike parts, components, deals, performance, modifications, classifieds, trails, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! But if you ride pretty slow, they might feel like too much brake. I have zero complaints with any of them though. I ran a set with 200mm rotors front and back on a DH bike, and never once had issues. (1999) * Ply-Gen (Hoover) vs. Pulte Home. Shimano’s formidable 4-piston Saint gravity brakes make other stopping systems feel like dragging a foot in the dirt.. A few months back I reviewed Shimano’s XT 4-piston brakes, and have since noticed them on loads of bikes. The calipers themselves retail for $119.99, and you can fetch a brake hose for about $30. Driver stated that she had applied brakes, but that they did not work. In fact, there’s practically no difference. It's basically the same brake as Saint with less features on the lever. The BR-MT520 has a straight hose connection, the Saint/Zee/XT use a banjo connection. The XT and XTR brakes were designed for the XC/Trail/Enduro rider looking for the best and most consistent braking that Shimano has to offer. Lawnchair Limo, Mar 5, … XTR brakes will be the lightest version and most high end option from Shimano with XT coming in just behind. I thought the Zee's would be 'too much' since they're downhill specific, but then I read that they have better modulation and the same stopping power as the XTs. The Zee and Saint both have servo-wave but the way it kicks in feels different from the XT and other 2-piston Shimano brakes. Saints cool slightly better (minimally), but aren't outright a superior brake. These brakes are amazing and I have been very seriously considering upgrading my DH bike to Shimano. (1997) * Auto accident in Orlando. Also both are easier to bleed than sram and don't squeal like srams are often known for. I do miss the more aggressive initial bite of the XTs but the Zees blow them away in terms of stopping power. Well, here is our take on the Saint vs Zee debate. Would recommend though. They will stop you quick. I just ordered a set of TRP quadiems so i can pretend to be as fast as Gwin at the pub afterwards. Shimano offers several types of brake pads for their XT and XTR brakes. For me it's not worth it, lever reach isn't something I play with and if I ever need to change it I usually have a multi-tool on me with the right hex key. Rims, SUN Cranks, Shimano Front derailer, Shimano 105 Rear derailer, Shimano Deore XT Shifters, Shimano bar-end Seats, RANS You can contact me at djelliott 524 at charter dot com. I mounted these brakes on two different bikes that required drastically different rear hose lengths. So, are you interested in a Shimano brake set but don’t know which one to get? Defective siding was installed in over 13,000 homes in Florida. The 4 pot XT has a saint/zee caliper with an XT lever. Shimano Saint BR-M820 + BL-M820 Disc Brake with Ice-Tech Brake Pads Set FW + RW. Shimano XTR M9100 four piston brake lever. I just switched from XT to Zees. Is this true? Swapping hoses and bleeding … We had the opportunity to take a closer look at Shimano’s new two-piston XT and four-piston SLX brakes and test each model for a whole day on the sunny hills of Girona. Depends on the brake pads. I wonder how they stack up to the new 4 piston XTs. Thanks to all the useful replies in this thread. You can use your Avids as long as everything is the same in terms of brake rotor size (if swapping rotors). It's basically the same brake as Saint with less features on the lever. The only real difference is the price and the liberal use of exotic materials. I haven't had to bleed or make any adjustments (perfect right out of the box). I went from and XT to a Zee on the front of mine. The Zees have a softer initial bite and ramp up smoothly to full power whereas the XT has a stronger initial bite, then a bit of … One with xt, one with zee, one with Saints. If you are a decent rider and ride some longer/steeper downhills then Zee is fine for a trail bike. In fact … My buddies XT’s have so much bite and my Zee’s feel like they are an old break on a wet road bike lol 06-06-2018 #17. Maybe 40g at most for the set. Zees and Saints are almost identical and have too much power for a trail/AM bike IMO. I just switched from XT to Zees. Was wondering the same thing. FREEHUB SHIMANO ZEE Rear FREEHUB 142x12 mm Thru Axle 11-speed Disc Brake Rotor SLX CENTER LOCK Disc Brake Rotor 203/180/160/140 mm Bottom Bracket SHIMANO Threaded Bottom Bracket 68/73 mm … Weight-wise, there is very little difference between the XT brakes and the XTR trail (M9020) brakes. ZEE provides a rock-solid platform to support aggressive riding on mountain trails. January 22, 2019. The BR-MT520 has ceramic pistons like the Saint/Zee/XT have. Brakes, Avid V-type and Araya drum brake Hubs, Front Shimano Deore, Rear ? Cubie New Member. The new Zee hydraulic disc brakes feature a powerful four piston caliper and shorty style brake levers. One other key difference is the Zee has the same dimpled levers as the Saint/XTR brakes while the SLX and XT use the standard smooth levers. The BR-MT520 uses the same pads as the Saint/Zee/XT. You will want to grab a BH90 hose to connect the new calipers to your existing lever, as the banjo bolt differs slightly. I've never tried ZEEs but people talk about how nice the modulation is and the fact that they are designed for gravity suggests they should cope well. It’s great to see so many new trail and enduro bikes equipped with real power at the caliper, allowing riders to fly down track faster and more confidently. I own the Zee, Saint, and SLX brakes, I can't tell the difference between Zee and Saint in either feel or performance. They will stop you quick. The feel is similar to the Saint in stopping. I didn't have any complaints on the XTs (they're lighter than the Zees) but I'm heavy and the Zees showed up on special so I'm happy I went with a 4 pot brake. It might not be all that new, but it’s still one hell of a brake. SRAM Models: SRAM’s brake lineup is a little easier to follow in my opinion. Yo! I have 3 bikes. Our investigations and lab analysis resulted in a $23.3 million settlement to the homeowners. The brakes come with Ice Technology brake pads that will help keep your brakes running cool even when the downhill course gets gnarly. With the same pads as xt. Additionally, XT 8020 and Saints are essentially the same brake- same adjustments, big 4 pot calipers with fresh ink, and not much else to compare. looks like the zee has a different servo wave curve from your description, or none at all. For instance, a Shimano Deore pad will be different than a Shimano Zee pad. Zee's stopping power is a lot stronger than the 2-piston XTs. Never tested the XT though. The Zee has far more power and surprisingly enough, it also has better modulation and control. XTR race (M9000) brakes are a bit lighter (~150-160g lighter than XT), but you give up the servo wave lever action. Let’s start off with Zees. Honestly, even the single piston XTs are usually good against fade if you run them with metallic pads. Definitely a lot better modulation. The XT BR-M8020 is the same caliper as the Saint/Zee calipers. Per your question, no. The only thing that bothers me slightly is how close the lever gets to the bar by the time you're at full pressure, but I think that's a preference to how I like my levers to be set up. But if you ride pretty slow, they might feel like too much brake. so searching for ''shimano zee brake opinions'' brings up a lot more of complaints than a favorable opinion. The two piston caliper locks on to the rotor regardless of descent speed for full control on steep downhills and gravity drops. The advantage of bigger brakes is more progressive braking, since there is more fluid to move, and better heat dissipation. I didn't have any complaints on the XTs (they're lighter than the Zees) but I'm heavy and the Zees showed up on special so I'm happy I went with a 4 pot brake. I can make mine be like a full 2 inches from the bar at full pressure on my saints. I do miss the more agressive initial bite of the XTs but the Zees blow them away in terms of stopping power. I can't see how you could go wrong. Other differences between the two are the lack of free stroke adjustment in the two pots, The four pot brakes have the same 15/17mm diameter ceramic pistons as the brands beefier Saint/Zee/XT brakes and … Even the single piston XTs have the same stopping power - the force from the master cylinder gets split evenly between the 2 sides of the piston, whereas on the force on a dual piston brake gets split 4 ways - the net force is still the same. i prefer real riders opinions than an always benign article. Our Take – Shimano Saint vs Zee Brakes. Last edited: Mar 8, 2020. Disc brake pads come in two different materials: organic or metal sintered. With some products, like the new XTR, XT and SLX 12-speed groups recently released, Shimano shouts across the internet for all to hear. JavaScript is disabled. We probably could have tested the new XT 4-piston against the Code. I don't think Saint brakes are worth the difference; all you get is the reach adjust knob (which I've used once in the life of my brakes - having that take 10 extra seconds to do with a wrench is not a big deal; the only way that's a worth-money feature is on a rental bike where different people are riding it every day) and the free stroke adjustment which roughly 0% of people find useful. Shimano designed the Zee brakes as their budget gravity brakes whereas the Saint line is their top of the line gravity brake. One other key difference is the Zee has the same dimpled levers as the Saint/XTR brakes while the SLX and XT use the standard smooth levers. Sounds like XT levers with Zee calipers are right up the OP's alley. Saints are more adjustable, but are no more powerful than Zees. Not what you asked but the zee is essentially a saint caliper with an SLX lever. The BR-MT520 is a different shaped caliper to the Saint/Zee/XT. If I were to buy XT M8000s from JensonUSA, CRC, or Amazon for example, would the brakes work properly? Metal or resin. If you are a decent rider and ride some longer/steeper downhills then Zee is fine for a trail bike. Took a few easy runs to bed the brakes in.

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